Hawaii Drug Rehabilitation Centers

Maui Recovery is one of the most advanced Hawaii drug rehabilitation centers, which provides a calm and supportive environment for recovering addicts. Our skilled staff and the natural environment surrounding us, all factor in to provide the best recovery treatments for you. We have been there where you are now, so we understand how hard it is to recover from drug addiction, but we are here to help you during your recovery. 

How does drug rehabilitation work?

Drug rehabilitation centers provide a safe and supportive environment for substance abuse issues — a healthy-and-tried method of treating drug addiction. The treatment requires a lot of self-control and motivation so you can keep working on your recovery.

First of all, you have to endure the withdrawal symptoms from drug detoxification. The symptoms could range from depression and anxiety to insomnia and seizures. Still, a drug rehab center will help you manage withdrawal symptoms and successfully emerge from this first step of recovery. After this, the actual treatment programs will begin.

Drug rehabilitation programs

We provide four levels of recovery. Residential recovery, extended aftercare, sober living, and outpatient care. We have a secure and nurturing environment to help you recover from drug addiction and live a healthy life.

  • Residential recovery is our most intensive program with 30,60 or 90 days as recovery options. We have counseling, life coaching, yoga, exercise, meditation, Equine therapy, and much more.
  • The extended aftercare program is for 30-day-sober patients. This program lasts from 30 days to 12 months. You can live on our main campus with other recovering patients and attend outpatient therapy sessions.
  • The sober living program helps you transition into a sober and productive lifestyle. You have to be 60-90 days sober to be a part of this program.
  • Our outpatient therapy program provides individual and group therapy sessions to motivate you to stay healthy and sober.

Advantages of a drug rehab facility

Professional drug rehab can make your addiction recovery bearable. Instead of fighting the addiction on your own, it’s better to choose a rehab facility where you will be under supervision all the time and have a supportive environment to keep you motivated. Some of the benefits of drug rehabilitation include

  • Break the addiction cycle
  • A safe and supportive environment for recovery
  • 24/7 medical supervision
  • Learn about the adverse effects of addiction on body and mind
  • Educate yourself about the underlying causes of addiction
  • Relapse prevention
  • Aftercare and sober living programs.

The high-quality drug recovery retreat

We provide customized programs for your individual needs so you can always feel like you belong in our community. You can join us to learn more about different ways to live the life of your dreams and achieve the highest level of self-awareness in the process.

The Maui Recovery supportive environment can be conducive when you are trying to change your mindset while fighting addiction. Our adventurous and healthy recovery treatment options make us one of the best Hawaii drug rehabilitation centers. We have a very supportive community of people who are willing to share your addiction recovery journey with you.

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Hawaii Drug Rehabilitation Centers

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