Damon braces are an innovative fixed brace treatment, which use pioneering technology to straighten the teeth and produce amazing smiles. Damon braces use friction-free technology to straighten the teeth quickly and painlessly.

How do Damon braces work?

Damon braces use friction-free technology and self-ligating memory wires to gently move teeth as quickly as possible. The brackets use a sliding mechanism and the braces are much finer and lighter than traditional fixed braces. There is no need for elastic or metal bands, which makes treatment more comfortable.

What are the benefits?

Damon braces have many benefits:

  • Speed: Damon braces work faster than traditional fixed braces; typically, treatment time is around 4-6 months shorter.
  • Comfort: Damon braces use friction-free technology to move the teeth painlessly.
  • Aesthetics: Damon braces improve facial aesthetics, as well as the look of the smile.
  • Versatility: Damon braces are suitable for a wide range of orthodontic prescriptions, including complex cases.
  • No need for extraction: in most cases, there is no need for tooth extraction prior to treatment.

Stages of treatment

Stage 1: During the consultation, one of our dentists will examine your mouth to check that you are a suitable candidate for Damon braces. They will also answer any questions you have and talk to you about the treatment, how it works, how long it takes and the cost of treatment.

Stage 2: A Damon braces dentist will create impressions of your mouth and photograph your teeth. The information will then be sent to the laboratory and the braces will be made and then returned to us.

Stage 3: We will fit your braces and then schedule regular check-ups to check your progress and make sure you are happy with your braces.

Frequently asked questions

How does treatment work?

Damon braces is a fixed brace system; the wires and brackets generate forces, which move the teeth into position. Damon braces are lighter and finer than traditional fixed braces and they use friction-free technology to prevent pain.

Are Damon braces suitable for everyone?

Damon braces are suitable for most patients, but if you have minor orthodontic problems, a less intensive treatment may be recommended.

Why should I choose Damon braces?

Damon braces are an effective, comfortable, cutting-edge treatment. They are beneficial for people who have complex orthodontic needs and provide an excellent alternative to traditional fixed braces. Damon braces are comfortable and discreet, treatment time is shorter than other fixed braces treatments and there is no need for extraction before the braces are fitted.

How much do Damon braces cost?

The cost of treatment varies for each patient and their needs, but we will discuss costs with you during your consultation.

How long does treatment take?

Treatment time varies according to the complexity of the case; usually treatment time is between 4 and 6 months shorter than traditional fixed braces.

Are they painful?

Damon braces use friction-free technology to prevent pain; there are no metal bands to tighten and the braces are light and comfortable.

Are Damon braces as good as traditional braces?

Yes, Damon braces are a very effective treatment and they have many advantages over traditional braces.