Six Month Smiles Glasgow

Six Month Smiles is a fixed brace system, which straightens the teeth in just six months. Six Month Smiles was developed in the USA and it has become very popular in Glasgow. 6 Month Smiles braces are much lighter and more discreet than traditional fixed braces and they are ideal for people who are preparing for a special occasion, such as a wedding.

6 Month Smiles Glasgow

How do the Six Month Smiles braces work?

Six Month Smiles braces focus on the front teeth, as they can be seen when a patient smiles. The teeth are encouraged to move by the forces generated by the brackets and wires of the braces.

6 Month Smiles Glasgow

Are you one of the many people in the Glasgow area who are unhappy with their teeth and lacking the confidence to smile due to twisted, crooked and uneven teeth or gaps? Have you ever considered straightening your teeth but are put off by the thought of unsightly and uncomfortable metal braces?

What are six month smiles?

Six month smiles is a revolutionary and modern alternative deriving from the US, which offers Glasgow patients a more discreet, efficient and cost-effective option. 6 Month Smiles focuses only on those teeth which show when you smile. Treatment is tailored specifically to each patient helping to straighten these front teeth quickly and safely. Unlike other treatments in Glasgow, Six Months Smile braces can be seen but are manufactured from white tooth coloured materials including clear brackets and white nickel titanium wires meaning they are highly discreet and attractive. Braces are by far the most popular, successful and safe way to help patients achieve healthy, straight teeth. Six Month Smiles takes the best features of a standard fixed brace but modifies the treatment and materials in order to achieve the same results for Glasgow patients in a quicker timescale.

Are six month smiles suitable for me?

1000’s of people worldwide have benefited from this very popular treatment. Six Month Smiles can use be used on top and lower teeth and is highly suited to treating a variety of issues including spacing, overbites, rotations and extrusions.
the positives of a six month smile:

A fast working and highly efficient system which focuses only on the front teeth which show when you smile- rather than moving all of your teeth like a conventional brace.

  • Braces are customised in our Glasgow premises to each patient, to achieve very predictable results.
  • Innovative six month smiles tray kits mean shorter, more comfortable and hygienic appointments.
  • Braces are discreet and attractive-, ideal for those looking for a less noticeable teeth correction treatment.

What is involved in the six-month smiles treatment?

Initially, we will need to conduct a number of checks on your teeth by taking X-rays, scans, impressions and photographs at our Glasgow practice. This will help us to check the health of your teeth and ensure they can be moved safely. If you have any particular hopes for your teeth this is the time to mention them. Any requests will be noted and included in your treatment plan where possible. Your records will be sent to the Six Month Smiles lab in America where your custom made brackets and braces will be produced for you. Models of your teeth will be made from the impressions and used to make the brackets and wires for your braces -taking into account the specific force required to move your teeth in the desired way. The braces will be sent back to us in a customised tray kit with all brackets and wires precisely positioned. At this point you will be invited to return for a fitting appointment. The convenient and hygienic way in which the braces are received means we can simply apply an adhesive to your teeth and bond the brackets to them straight from the tray. The adhesive will be hardened using a high intensity light to make sure that it is secure. Throughout the course of your treatment you will need to return to us for regular check-ups. These will be short (around 10-15 minutes) and will enable us to adjust the brace and monitor your teeth accordingly. As the name suggests the average treatment time is around six months. However every case is different. Some people require as few as four months while others can take up to nine.

Six Month Smiles Glasgow

Treatment stages

Stage 1: One of our Six Month Smiles dentists will examine your mouth to check that you are the right patient for Six Month Smiles treatment; they will also talk about the braces with you and answer your questions.

Stage 2: Your dentist will create impressions of your teeth and send them to the laboratory in the USA. The impressions will be used to create your new Six Month Smiles braces.

Stage 3: Once your braces have been sent back to us, we will fit them and treatment will start. We will arrange check-ups with you throughout the treatment process to make sure that you are happy with your braces.

Before & After Six Month Smiles Glasgow

6 Month Smiles Glasgow

Frequently asked questions

How do the braces work?

Six Month Smiles work in a similar way to traditional fixed braces, but they generate gentler forces and focus on the front teeth, rather than all the teeth.

What is the length of treatment generally?

Six Month Smiles straightens the teeth in around six months, making it an ideal treatment for people who want results fast.

Is treatment expensive?

The cost of treatment varies, but Six Month Smiles tends to be less expensive than other orthodontic braces; we will discuss costs with you at your consultation.

Can anyone have Six Month Smiles braces?

No, Six Month Smiles is not suitable for everyone; it is designed for people who have orthodontic problems affecting the front teeth. If you have problems with your back teeth, you may be advised to consider alternative treatments. We will be happy to talk to you about your treatment options.