This easy dental treatment, which is sometimes ignored by patients, can truly help your entire mouth.

The majority of us go to the dentist to enhance the condition of our teeth.

Most of us want to avoid any problems with our teeth, and we also want them to look good, whether we are getting actual treatment like a filling or just having our teeth checked.

All of this is important, certainly, but people should also give their gums and teeth the same care.

If you ignore the condition of your gums, even if your teeth are healthy, they could still be at risk. If your gums are neglected, gum disease can develop all too quickly. Gum disease initially affects the gums and can result in inflammation and irritation; but, with time, it may also begin to harm the bone that supports the tooth. The tooth may deteriorate as a result of the infection and eventually fall out or become loose.

You can do several things at home, such as cleaning your gums as well as your teeth and flossing. Similarly, you should visit the dentist at our convenient Glasgow dental clinic at least every six months, and more frequently if you are proven to be at higher risk of gum disease.

Preventive Measure

Southside Dental Care Glasgow believes that people should be educated toward better dental health. This should also lessen the requirement for any future treatment because the teeth will be healthier. Our professional dentist plays a key role here and will be able to discuss many topics with you, such as your own cleaning routine, nutrition and habits, and how these may affect your dental health, as well as advise on appropriate mouthwashes and other products. Overall, by making a few lifestyle changes, you can begin to help improve the health of your teeth and gums.

Scale And Polish Treatment

The “scale and polish” procedure you’ll get when you visit the dental hygienist actively not only removes plaque buildup from your teeth but also acts as a preventative measure by lowering the possibility that gum disease will progress to the more serious phase of periodontitis, where the bone may begin to degrade. The procedure itself should be painless and infrequently needs a local anaesthetic. There are three distinct components to it.

Manually Removal

Our Glasgow dentist will take off the majority of the tartar that has accumulated around your teeth and between the gums using a hooked instrument. Some individuals hate this step since it could feel a little “pulling” as the tartar is taken out, especially from in between the teeth. Although it is not painful, it is essential to get the majority of it out before the next round of treatment begins.

Using Sonic Cleaning

The majority of the remaining hard tartar layer is broken up during this step using a contemporary oral healthcare gadget that generates sonic vibrations. This is an excellent approach to get rid of tartar because it is completely painless. A tiny water jet assists in washing away the tartar as the vibrations break it up. Although it is safe if swallowed in small amounts, it is removed with a suction instrument to avoid this from happening.

Although much of this phase of the operation might be completed by hand, it is generally believed that using a sonic device is more comfortable for patients.

Finishing Touch

The dental professional will next polish your teeth with a high-speed brush. The remaining tartar will be removed, and some surface stains on your teeth will be effectively eliminated as well. You’ll notice that running your teeth over them feels a lot smoother once this phase of the procedure is over. Generally speaking, your mouth will also feel a lot cleaner. You should make an effort to follow the dentist’s instructions and take the best possible care of your teeth and gums in between your six monthly checkups. Please remember to keep your scheduled appointments, even if you believe you have followed these instructions precisely. There will always be a few minor areas of your teeth that you haven’t cleaned as thoroughly as you thought, and these could become a problem if you start skipping checkups.

Have problems like sensitive teeth, bleeding gums, or discomfort? To ensure that your teeth and gums are as healthy as possible, Southside Dental Care Glasgow is here to help. Visit our website right away to book an appointment!

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