Most people are seeking orthodontic treatment to enhance their smile, but there are also other advantages.

It is not rare to have completely straight teeth. In fact, if we hadn’t already had orthodontic treatment, most of us might probably spot some minor defects in the alignment of our teeth.


Although we may have simply accepted this in the past, the wide range of teeth straightening treatments now available, as well as the consciousness of the difference a great smile can make, means that an increasing number of people are scheduling appointments to see the orthodontist at our Glasgow dentist’s surgery.

There is no question that having straight teeth will result in a more healthy and more appealing smile. People will most certainly notice flaws in your teeth, whether they be general slight misalignment or just a handful of obvious front teeth that overlap. Straightening your teeth can often result in you feeling much more confident in yourself and your smile.

This incredibly popular therapy can achieve more than simply a great-looking smile. Straighter teeth, on the other hand, are more likely to be healthier teeth. This is explained by our Southside Dental Care Glasgow team.

Straight Teeth Are Easier To Clean

The most obvious reason why straight teeth are usually healthier is that they are much easier to maintain clean, especially at home. Food waste and germs have many areas to become stuck when teeth are uneven, crowded, and overlapping. These places can be quite small, making it difficult to remove dirt using toothbrush bristles or dental floss. Not only will getting your teeth straightened by our dentists reduce the likelihood of food being caught, but it will also make cleaning your teeth much easier.

Straightening your teeth will not only benefit your teeth by getting them easier to clean, but it will also benefit your gums by keeping them clean more quickly. As you may remember from earlier posts, gum disease can be pretty catastrophic, even leading to tooth decay, so this is an advantage well worth having.

Domino Effects On Teeth

In addition to altering your appearance, crooked teeth might have long-term effects. When a tooth moves, it creates a gap next to it, and where previously the tooth next to it would have been stopped from moving because another tooth was in its way, this is no longer the case, and the tooth is now free to move. As this one shift, the one next to it may also move, creating a possible domino effect that could result in a few of our teeth becoming uneven and crooked, potentially ruining our smile.

Crooked Teeth Causes Inconvenience

Our teeth should meet in a specific way with the corresponding tooth. This is how they should be, however, if one of the teeth shifts, the teeth may no longer meet on the biting surfaces, but rather at another portion of the tooth where the enamel is thinner and weaker. This can cause the enamel to break, increasing the risk of dental decay and oversensitive teeth.

Speech Difficulties

Some types of tooth crookedness, such as projecting teeth, can contribute to speech difficulties in some persons. This is not always the case, but if it is, it is worth consulting our Glasgow dental clinic to schedule an appointment to examine if it is caused by misaligned teeth or other minor oral problems.

Solution To The Problem

Only orthodontic therapy can straighten teeth. Some people have been put off by the idea, most likely because of the childhood experiences of individuals with visible braces. Nowadays, however, a wide range of orthodontic devices are available that are developed not only to straighten your teeth properly but also to do it in a more discrete manner.

There are devices available for simple and mostly cosmetic modifications, as well as others for a more significant correction. Obviously, one of the most popular of them, Invisalign, does not even use traditional wiring, instead using a set of removable trays for improved oral health and convenience of eating.

If you have dental problems, whether they are minor or severe, please contact our cosmetic dentists to see how we may assist you. If you are interested in receiving orthodontic treatment, please visit our website today to schedule an appointment!

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