Composite Bonding Glasgow Southside

In an initial consultation, your teeth will be thoroughly examined, and you will be listened to, in order to find out what improvements to your teeth you would like to see. Occasionally, your dentist will need to correct oral health issues, such as gum disease or tooth decay, before cosmetic dentistry can start. Once a healthy mouth has been achieved, your dentist can begin the smile-enhancing process. We also offer virtual consultation options.

What are the main benefits of composite bonding?

  • Composite bonding is minimally invasive (minimal amount of healthy tooth reduction is required)
  • Immediate results – Composite bonding can often be accomplished in one visit.
  • Easily repairable and usually reversible.
  • Beautiful tooth-like appearance
  • Often does not even require an injection.

Can I get composite bonding?

Most people are candidates for this procedure. One of the main stumbling blocks however is the bite. If there is a heavy biting contact on a tooth which has had composite bonding, it may fracture off.

Does composite bonding hurt?

Not at all. Bonding is painless and often performed without the use of an anaesthetic since very little tooth removal is necessary.

Does composite bonding natural looking?

Yes. Composite bonding is one of the most natural-looking cosmetic dental restorations if done properly. However, porcelain can sometimes be slightly better.

Does a bonded tooth require extra care?

Yes. In order to prevent fracture it is advisable to avoid biting into hard objects such as ice cubes and hard sweets. Fingernail biting should also be avoided.

How long does composite last?

Good oral hygiene can improve the lifespan of your composite bonding. If you have good oral hygiene you may expect more than 5 years from a composite before it needs replenished.

Is composite bonding expensive?

Composite bonding is generally the least expensive of all cosmetic dental procedures. Our composites range from £60 to £105 depending on how many surfaces are involved.

How much time does composite bonding take?

Most bonding procedures can be completed in one visit resulting instantly in a beautiful smile. The length of the visit varies according to the procedure.

Who should consider cosmetic composite bonding?

People of all ages can benefit from the cosmetic technique of bonding. Children, adolescents and adults can improve their smiles and appearance with composite bonding. Be sure to ask your dentist about how composite can benefit your smile.