Dentist Prices Glasgow

These are set by the Dental Practice Division and are the same for every NHS dentist. On our website are our private prices, NOT NHS prices. For further details and prices please visit the Practitioner Services website.

Private Prices

Please note each clinician sets his/her private prices at their own discretion depending on the challenges of each job. However the prices on this website give a rough idea of what you would be expected to pay.

Dental Treatment

New Patient ConsultationFree
Routine Exam£30
Root Treatment from£175 – £375
Hygienist Visit£32.50
All-Ceramic Crowns£425
Porcelain Crowns£325
White Fillings From£50 – £110
Tooth Whitening£295
Enlighten Whitening£500
Dental Implant£1050
Implant Crown£850
Same Day Veneers£425
Snap on Smiles 6 Teeth or less£600
Snap on Smiles more than 6 teeth£700
Snap on Smiles Full Arch£900
Lumineers£649 each
Full cosmetic denture one arch£550
Full cosmetic denture set upper and lower£1050
Partial dentures£250 – £599


Conventional Orthodontic Braces for under 18 years£900 per arch
(all inclusive of x-rays models and adjustments).
Conventional orthodontic braces for adults£1250 per arch
(all inclusive of x rays, models and adjustments).
White Brackets Additional£250 per arch
6 Month Smiles£2400 both arches
 £1800 one arch
Inman Aligner£1450
Invisalign from£1500
Invisalign (complex)£4000
STB Social Six Lingual Braces£4000 both arches
 £2500 one arch

Facial Cosmetics

Anti-wrinkle Facial Injections£99 – one area
 £175 – two areas
 £245 – three areas
Restylane/Perlane£250 1ML
 £200 for every second 1 ML at the same visit
 £175 FOR 0.5ML