Embarking on an orthodontic journey with braces is a significant step toward achieving a beautiful, healthy smile. Proper care and maintenance of your braces are essential not only for the success of your treatment but also for your overall oral health.

Wearing braces can really be helpful when it comes to orthodontic treatment. It fixes your jaw, crooked teeth, and other dental issues. However, it may be hard to take care of your braces especially when hard foods get stuck in between. To keep your teeth healthy while with braces, here are the top tips you should do to protect your braces!

In this guide, we’ll explore crucial tips and best practices to help you care for your orthodontic braces effectively and ensure a smooth orthodontic experience.

Good Oral Hygiene

Maintaining excellent oral hygiene is paramount when wearing braces. Food particles easily get trapped in braces, leading to plaque buildup and potential dental issues. Here’s how to keep your oral hygiene top-notch:

Brushing Technique

Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and brush at least twice a day. Angle the brush against the brackets and wires to reach all areas effectively.

Brush and Floss Regularly

Flossing with braces might require a bit of patience and specialized tools like floss threaders or interdental brushes. Ensure thorough flossing to remove debris between teeth and wires.

Rinse with Mouthwash

An antimicrobial mouthwash can help reduce bacteria and prevent infections. Rinse your mouth regularly to maintain oral health.

Be Mindful of Certain Foods

It’s fine to eat as soon as you leave the clinic, but we recommend sticking to soft foods for the first few days as your mouth and teeth acclimate to the new situation. Eat only soft foods like pasta, seedless bread, vegetables, soup, yoghurt, pudding, etc. After three or four days, the pain should subside enough to allow you to eat more solid things, although you should still avoid sugary gum. Sugary gum can wreak havoc on your teeth and orthodontic work.

Visit Your Orthodontist Regularly

For the best results from orthodontic treatment, regular appointments are required. Adjustments, progress checks, and fixing any problems with your braces are all possible thanks to these scheduled visits. Make sure to follow your orthodontist’s instructions to ensure plaque doesn’t build up and get stuck in your braces.

Use Orthodontic Wax For Mouth Sores

Although orthodontic brackets are made to be comfortable to wear, they may cause temporary irritation to the soft tissue of your mouth as you adjust to them. Your skin will toughen up eventually, and you won’t have any more trouble with itching. Until then, the wax we supply can help alleviate any pain.

Consult With Southside Dental Care For The Best Brace Care Tips

Caring for your braces requires dedication and a mindful approach to oral hygiene and dietary choices. By following these essential tips, you can ensure that your orthodontic treatment progresses smoothly, minimize discomfort, and maintain optimal oral health. Remember, proper care of your braces will ultimately lead to a confident and beautiful smile once your treatment is complete. If you have any concerns or questions, always consult Southside Dental Care in Glasgow for guidance and support throughout your orthodontic journey. Book a free appointment today!

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